Just a matter of creation.
And a hint of magic!

Voxel modeling is a great way to shape ideas in 3D: cool things can be achieved in minutes, but refining them could take many hours. With Voxelmade, I’m glad to share my few bits of art and tips. If you’re not familiar with what Voxel creations look like, start by checking my personal gallery!

Voxel gallery
Working with Voxels
Try a new way to shape your ideas

Voxels can be used to quickly shape ideas, in a fresh new style, while keeping our instinct and creativity. Check the ressource section and choose the editor that suits you the best!

Indiana Jones

Meet new people,
make yourself at home.

A great and motivating thing is to meet other artists and people addicted to voxels, who share the same passion. The community is very active on Twitter and everyone has his own style. It's time to get in touch and discover new ways to shape those little cubes!
Check other voxel artists

There’s a place for instinct in 3D.

Using the voxel way for 3D creations allows you to get into your ideas without getting technically stuck: just dive into it and create instinctively! Modeling, lighting, texturing and even animating: this is now up to you to jump in!
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Having a cool project to work on? Looking for a collaboration? Wanna say Hi? Contact me for more info!

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